8 Best Standing Desk Converters Review [Complete Buyer’s Guide in 2019]

People who have little to no physical activity every day are more at risk of developing immediate and long-term health effects brought by their sedentary lifestyle. And this is more than the physical pain they feel when they sit too long.

According to recent studies, sitting is the new smoking. It means that people who sit for too long throughout the day are more prone to contracting serious illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer, even if they exercise regularly. Not only that, but it also impairs the cognitive functioning of the brain, which affects concentration, memory retention, and problem-solving skills.

Next time you’re at your office desk, standing a few minutes every 30 minutes can be really beneficial.

Working while standing up has a lot of health benefits, and these stand up desk converters are an easy way to get you from a seated to a standing position within seconds. You’ll find a lot of different converters on the market, such as an electric standing desk versus manual standing desks (which is covered in this article), full versus sit to stand converters, rising the desk frame towards you or vertically straight. Most of them are very similar, but we digest through most of the best sellers. You’ll want to know what the best stand up desk converter there is to offer.

Understanding the different types of standing desk converters

There are so many different types of standing desks now a days, we like to point them out for you. Once you’re done with this section, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of what’s out there, and hopefully you’ll find one that is more fitting for your lifestyle and ergonomics.

Adjustable Double X Design

This type of desk converter raises your monitor and keyboard without swinging towards you, which it won’t encroach into your workspace. It doesn’t have preset heights such as the Z Design you’ll see below. This means that the height can be infinitely adjusted depending on your preferred height for optimal ergonomic.

Buy Double X Design Converters

Adjustable Single X Design

This one is similar to the double x design, however this one only has one x shaped metal arm that’s connected where as the double x design has two separate metal arms that require two levers to adjust both sides to have equal heights. The single allows you to only use one hand to adjust.

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Adjustable Z Design

This has been popular amongst many standing desk converters, such as the Varidesk, which have been making these types of designs for a long time. This converter lifts while bringing the table towards you, causing it to arch into your work space. These types of converters have preset heights which can be limited on some users.

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Post & Base/Keyboard Tray

These types of standing desks are very minimal and can take up very little space on your desk. However, because of the minimal base, it gives you minimal desk space for anything more than a keyboard and a mouse.

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Floating or Free Arm Desk Converter

This design saves you more desk space than the Post and Base converter, because its only being supported by an arm that is strong enough to clamp on to your desk. However, if you have a really heavy monitor, we suggest you stay away from this type of design.

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Simple Desktop Raiser

This is usually the least expensive, and it can be anything simple to just prop up on your desk, supportive enough to hold your monitor and keyboard (and anything else you need). If you don’t want to invest too much into a full standing desk converter, this could be a great option to get you started.

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Electric Standing Desk Converter

If you’re not fond of manually adjusting your standing desk converter, there are electrical options where it’ll give you free range of motion and allow you to adjust infinitely from base to its max height. Although, this type is a little bit more pricier than the other designs, we think that overall health and ergonomic outweighs the price.

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Our 8 Best Reviewed Sit to Stand Desk Converter Desks

We have provided eight of the best standing desk converters you’ll find on the market, whether its a post & base design, z-design or x-design, we have used specific criteria for our reviews.

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk Converter

Our Choice

Best Overall & Sturdy Stand Up Desk Converter

Spring-loaded lifting mechanism to easily lift up to 35 lbs. (15.8 kgs.) in 3 seconds, allowing you to stand up and sit down without breaking your concentration

This is our #1 pick for the best standing desk converter. Varidesk has been around for quite some time, winning multiple product innovation and design awards, and being used by multiple organizations.

The Pro Plus 36 is the middle tier, where you’ll be able to buy a smaller or bigger one depending on your size preference.

This adjustable stand up desk can be raised or lowered effortlessly in seconds. It is sturdy even at its highest extended height and big enough to accommodate dual monitors. The weight capacity is 35 lbs (or 15.88 kgs).

The Varidesk Pro Plus offers a two-tiered design (keyboard and mouse tray is lower than the monitor surface). If you think you might be uncomfortable with this solution, Varidesk does offer one without it.

People who bought this office product are satisfied with its features and only have great things to say. Most of them said it is exactly what they needed and it greatly helps ease their back and leg pains. The size allows for more desktop items, and the highest extended height satisfies even those who are tall.

Some might say that it isn’t as sturdy as it should be but the weight capacity depends on the desktop items placed on it. Any desk would feel shaky or unstable when you put heavy pieces of equipment that weighs more than its capacity.

Although it is a little bit pricey compared to other sit to standing desk converters, you can only expect the best outcome from this product.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, check out our list of Varidesk alternatives under $200.

Design & ConstructionFeaturesWarranty & Returns

This sit to stand desk workstation is not the sleekest looking office furniture you’ll find, but it is one of the best designed desk riser on the market, winning multiple product innovation awards. The Pro Plus does come with multiple colors so you’ll be able to at least match your office theme, if needed.

The Varidesk line is made with hard black vinyl wrapped over medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and steel hardware.

Most of these adjustable desk riser are more about functionality than aesthetics.

  • Two-tier design: upper display surface, lower keyboard/mouse deck
  • Dual-monitor compatible
  • Supports up to 35 lbs (15.88 kb)
  • Spring-assisted lift
  • 11 Height settings
  • Lifts up and towards you
  • Multiple colors: black, white, dark wood, butcher block
  • Dimensions
    • Top surface measures: 36″ (W) x 12.25″ (D)
    • Footprint measures: 36″ (W) x 29.75″ (D)
You have a 30-day money back guarantee with Varidesk products, if you decide that a stand up desk is something you can’t handle.

Varidesk has a limited warranty replacement/returns within one year of purchase. Not the best warranty for a reputable product like Varidesk, but it’s the most common. Like any other products with a defect or a mechanical breakdown, Varidesk will replace at no cost.

Click here for information about Varidesk warranty and returns on their website.

  • No assembly required, works straight out of the box.
  • Easy to raise and lower the stand up desk.
  • Rubber pads on bottom of unit to protect your desk.
  • Sturdy materials and construction.
  • Very stable, only wobbles when you aggressively move your keyboard tray around (don’t be aggressive).
  • Already max support when using Apple’s Thunderbolt display + laptop.
  • Doesn’t have too much space for other office things.
  • More on the expensive side.

Want to learn more? Check out our full review of the Varidesk Pro Plus 36.

Try the Varidesk Laptop 30, a more compact and portable standing desk converter specifically made for laptops

FlexiSpot Stand Up Desk Riser 35″ Wide

Runner Up

Best X-Frame Standing Desk Converter with Removable Keyboard

Smooth & Easy Adjustments – Our single-handle design makes it super easy to safely adjust the height of the desk. You never need to use two hands or extra force like with some other brands.

Flexi Spot’s adjustable desk with removable keyboard tray is a popular choice. It has a large work surface and a wide keyboard tray that provides users with enough space to put all their desktop items and a little extra space to spare.

It is a high-quality product that supports up to 35 lbs of weight and remains stable even at the highest extended height setting. It is effortless to adjust, and it moves smoothly with its dual gas spring motion and within its footprint. Even heavy-handed users swear by this product.

According to most user reviews, the only downside of using this desk is its weight. It is heavy. You might need to ask for help if you have to change places. Also, your desk should be able to support it well.

Overall, you will never regret your decision to buy this product. Its features are better than others. Its quality is superb and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Design & ConstructionFeaturesWarranty & Returns

This is a smooth and stable stand up desk that uses gas spring hovering system which allows you to adjust the height of the desk by squeezing handles on the side. Not as large as the Varidesk Pro Plus, but still large enough for your iMac or 27″ monitor and a laptop.

The desk lifts straight up instead of the table going towards you, which may be a liking to some consumers, depending on your preference.

  • Two-tier design: upper display surface, lower keyboard/mouse deck
  • Good for one monitor and a laptop
  • Tablet insert
  • Supports up to 35 lbs (15.88 kb)
  • Product weight: 50.6 lbs
  • Lifts straight up and down
  • Pneumatic assist lift
  • 12 Height levels
  • Multiple colors: black and white
  • Dimensions
    • Top surface measures: 35″ (W) x 31.5″ (D)
    • Footprint measures: 31″ (W) x 22.3″ (D)
FlexiSpot comes standard with a 5-year warranty includes the frame, controller, switch and a 3-year warranty includes the motor electronics and mechanism.

The brand has great customer service and if there’s anything wrong with the desk frame, they’ll be happy to take care of your problems. They’ll even replace the items shipped at no cost.

If you want more information about their warranty, click here [PDF].

  • No assembly required, works straight out of the box.
  • Auto locks in place of the standing height.
  • X-style lift system (lifts straight up and down).
  • Smaller footprint.
  • Ability to install two arms for monitors.
  • Can be heavy for some consumers.
  • Keyboard tray could be shallow for using a tablet in drawing mode.

Want to learn more? Check out our full review of the FlexiSpot.

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro 28 Standing Desk Converter


Best Budget Friendly Fully Adjustable Desk Riser Converter

The X-Elite PRO is an award winning modern design adjustable standing desk converter. It goes up and down with ease in a matter of seconds, with premium pump assisted lift.

This sit-stand desk has a standing height range of 7 to 16 inches. Users can raise and lower the height with ease in a matter of seconds, and it comes with a premium pump assisted lift for easy switching.

The size and laminated particleboard surface of the desk can perfectly accommodate all the necessary desktop items you need such as two monitors, keyboard, mouse, and more. It is made of high-quality materials, sturdy, and has a maximum weight capacity of 20 lbs.

People who bought this award-winning ergonomic standing desk converter did not regret their decision. They are happy to get a high-quality product that works great for its price.

The only caveat is that it sits a little bit high above the desk height when folded flat, which is not great for people who are short. If you are short and the height at the lowest setting is still high for you, consider raising your seat or add something to increase its height.

Also, some say it becomes quite unstable once you put pressure on it like when typing on your keyboard. Try to lessen your desktop items. Maybe the problem lies on the weight of your equipment.

X-Elite Pro is one of the best sit-stand desks out on the market today. With its ergonomic design and great features, you would get a desk that would last you a lifetime for a reasonable price.

Design & ConstructionFeaturesWarranty & Returns

Durable, and built to last you for a good while. I wouldn’t say its the strongest material, but if you’re careful with your products, then this is good enough.

  • single-tier design (no keyboard tray)
  • great for one monitor and a laptop
  • Supports up to 20 lbs
  • Product weight: 27 lbs
  • Lifts straight up and down
  • pump assist lift
  • 7″ to 16″ inch of height settings
  • Only 1 color: black. But more to come.
  • Dimensions: 28″ (W) x 20″ (D)

Stand Steady follow Amazon’s return policy: They’ll accept returns for any reason within 30 days. Unless there is something wrong with the desk, return shipping is at the responsibility of the consumer.

  • No assembly required, works straight out of the box.
  • X-style lift system (lifts straight up and down).
  • More affordable than other stand up desk converters.
  • Simple design.
  • Smooth lift adjustment between 7″ to 16″.
  • Only supports 20 lbs.
  • Can be a little wobbly for users closer to 20lbs.
  • No keyboard tray can be a issue for some users.
  • Construction is not the most premium or durable.

Want to learn more? Check out our full review here.

VIVO Sit-to-Stand Converter Desk-V000B

VIVO’s height-adjustable desk has a dual-tiered platform that can be easily switched from sitting to standing position in one smooth motion with gas spring power. It has eight height adjustment levels and a weight capacity of 37.5 lbs.

What sets it apart from other desks are its added features that you won’t see anywhere else such as its monitor mount, cable clip to keep all your cords organised, and extra storage tray for other things.

Customer who bought the products was surprised at how sturdy the desk is even when it is fully extended. The solid ergonomic set-up works great especially for people with bad backs and those who are tall.

One minor complaint about this product is the size of its keyboard tray. Like what we said, a keyboard tray is a matter of preference. If the surface is spacious enough, a keyboard tray is unnecessary.

If you are looking to invest in something that would help make you a healthier and more productive person, this product is a great buy.

Want to learn more? Check out our full review of VIVO adjustable desk converter.

The House of Trade Standing Desk Converter Riser

This sturdy, heavy duty, easy to set-up height adjustable desk from The House of Trade is a popular buy among health-conscious professionals. The DeskRiser features a dual squeeze handles for easy transitioning, a sliding keyboard tray, support of up to 50 lbs of weight, and five different height levels suitable for people over 6 feet tall.

Minor difficulties people encountered when they purchased the product were its weight and the keyboard tray size. If you are eyeing to buy this product, you might need help in carrying it from place to place. The keyboard tray is optional and not a deal breaker.

Purchasing this product is a great investment especially if you are concern about your health. People who are prone to back pain and leg strain swear by the effectiveness of the DeskRiser and how it significantly enhanced their work performance.

Anyone looking to buy a standing desk that provides a ton of benefits for a reasonable price should consider The House of Trade’s DeskRiser. It’s cheaper than others of its kind, but the overall product works great. You wouldn’t regret your purchase.

You can also check out the Ergotron Workfit T, which is very comparable to this one.

Want to learn more? Check out our full review of House of Trade.

Lorell Sit-to-Stand Desk Converter Riser

Anyone thinking of switching from a regular sitting desk to a sit-stand, using a stand up desk converter, and doesn’t want to break the bank, then you should check out this Lorell Sit-Stand Monitor Riser. This ergonomic height-adjustable desk offers comfort when you sit or stand while working. The gas spring allows for a smooth transition and goes up or down in a matter of seconds.

Its weight capacity is 50 lbs and has a big enough surface area to accommodate monitors and other desktop items. No need to assemble. You can pull it out of the box and use immediately.

People who are shorter than 5’3” expressed some dissatisfaction over the height of the desk at its lowest level. This is a minor issue that can be easily resolved by adjusting the height of the seat instead. Apart from that, this product delivers on its promise to allow users to sit and stand while working for better health.

For all its features, quality, and a very reasonable price, it is a steal.

Want to learn more? Check out our full review Lorell Sit to Stand.

Halter PreAssembled Standing Desk Converter

You can now enjoy the freedom of sitting and standing while working with Halter’s desk. Place it on top of your existing table, find your desired height, and squeeze handles for a smooth transition. With the quality of its construction, the desk remains sturdy even at its maximum extended height.

The surface has ample space to accommodate two monitors and other desktop items. If you are not willing to shell out extra money for a pricier sit-stand desk that offers the same benefits, this one is perfect for you.

The only issue is that it might not be suited for people over the height of 6’2”. One ideal solution would be to add some table casters to add some height to your existing table. But taking everything into account, this desk work wonders for your health and productivity at half the price of most sit-stand desks available on the market today.

Want to learn more? Check out our full review Halter PreAssembled.

DeskDoc Premium Standing Desk Converter

DeskDoc offers a premium sit-stand desk that has a 35 lbs weight capacity and an extensive surface that can accommodate two large monitors and other desktop items you need for work. An extra slot is also designed for your smartphone.  The ergonomic keyboard tray is also spacious to allow movement. The gas spring arm enables users to switch from sitting to standing position in no time.

The only minor issue that most users reported was its weight. It is bulky to lift and carry if you plan to change positions throughout the day. You might need to ask for help if you do. But come to think of it, the reason why it is heavy because of its quality construction.

It is very sturdy even at the highest level and well- built. It is a great standing desk that is made to last. It is an excellent value for money and highly recommended by health-conscious professionals.

Want to learn more? Check out our full review DeskDoc Premium.

Key benefits of having a stand up desk converter

There is some truth to the saying, “thinking on your feet.” Standing from time to time not only relieves back and leg pains, but it also enhances focus and critical thinking skills. If you want to avoid all these risks or if you are prone to back pains, consider switching to standing desk instead. The idea behind it is simple, but the benefits are immeasurable.

  1. Reduces the risk of contracting long-term health problems – You can choose to take the healthier route by getting yourself out of that chair. As mentioned, you can avoid the bad side effects of having a sedentary lifestyle simply by switching to a standing desk.
  2. Increases life expectancy – The rise of mortality rate is always related to diseases such as cardiovascular problems, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and high blood sugar levels. If you can reduce your chances of developing any of these diseases, you have a shot of living a longer life.
  3. Boosts productivity – Ever wonder why people walk and phase when they think? It is because walking and phasing around help in the thinking process. It Increases focus, concentration, and problem-solving skills, which boost productivity.
  4. Enhances posture – It is a smart decision to use a standing desk if you want to reduce back pain, eye damage, and enhance your posture. Standing alone enhances a person’s core strength, which leads to a better posture. Just make sure that the standing desk suit the level you’re comfortable to avoid slouching as you work.
  5. Enhances mood and energy level – A healthy lifestyle brings about positive psychological effects. Ultimately, if you are healthy, your mood is almost always positive, and your energy level is high. This allows you to accomplish more, thus increases your productivity.

If you like to learn more, check out the 40 health benefits of using a standing desk.

Frequently Asked Questions on choosing the best standing desk converters in 2019

One of the biggest ironies of life is that the more choices we have, the harder it is for us to choose. With all the information you can get on the Internet about a dozen different brands offering the same product, how are you going to narrow down the best options and choose the one that perfectly suits your needs?

To help you out, here are some questions you should ask yourself before you decide to switch and purchase your first height adjustable sit to stand converter.

Switching from a sit to stand desk for the right reasons?

Any product if misused can do more harm than good. There is no such thing as one size fits all. People who eventually leave a good product were usually not properly taught on how to utilize it and finding out that they are using a product for the wrong reason.

  • If your job is better done sitting than standing, then it is not wise to switch. If your tasks require writing, concentration, heavy content editing, and other tasks that require motor skills, it is better to keep your regular desk and remain seated.What you can do is aim for the 20-8-2 ergonomic rule to stay healthy. According to research, it is recommended that you sit in a neutral position for 20 minutes, 8 minutes standing, and 2 minutes moving. So if you follow the recommended sit-stand work pattern on a typical workday, you’d get around 5 hours of sitting, 2 hours of standing, and 0.5 hours of moving.
  • If you are switching just because you want to burn extra calories, then you are buying it for the wrong reason. Sure, we mentioned that standing could reduce obesity, but burning calories can eat up your energy and makes you tire quickly. This could negatively affect your job performance.

Full table desk risers vs. stand up desk converters?

With all the available options out there, you should consider what works best for you. This includes your needs, space measurements, space designs and budget. Ultimately, it is up to you. You have two main options here, the full table that can be crank adjusted or an electric stand desk, or a sit-stand desk converter (electric or manual) that you can sit on top of your desk. The converters are the mostly manual and are the common ones because its a lot easier when you want to transition from a seated work environment to a standing work environment.

full standing desk


stand up desk converter


How adjustable is the converter?

Anyone looking to buy or switch to standing desk converters should understand that this is one of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase. Take note that one of the reasons why you are switching is for your health. If you have to slouch, you may be bringing more harm to your health than good.

How do I know if the adjustable height is right when standing?

These recommended adjustable height converters gives you a wide range of . Not only do they offer flexibility, but they also support your health and well-being, as well as your productivity.

Each standing desktop converter in the market varies in size, shape, and adjustable height range. Choose the one that can accommodate your needs when seated and when you are standing. Consider other factors that may affect height measurements such as mats or shoe heights.

How to know the right size or adjustable height of the desk

  • Let us say you are planning to purchase a perching or sit-stand desk, you can check if it is the measurement is correct by seating comfortably, arms on rest, and your feet touching the ground. Make sure you are comfortable. Compute the distance or measurement from the ground to your elbow, particularly the underside. The distance between you, your desk, your monitor, and keyboard should be the same or a little bit higher.
  • Repeat the process, but standing up.. Take into consideration other factors that may affect the height such as your shoe heights and mats.
  • Choose the one that adjusts the same level as your elbow height when sitting and same level as your elbow height when standing.
  • If you looked around and could not find one that matches your height, you can opt for those who have adjustable keyboard tray or adding a footrest.
  • You can add more flexibility to your existing table by adding casters but make sure you include it to your measurements when determining the desk height of your converter. Consider these factors only if you are buying a desk that is just for you. If it is for the common area like your workplace where other people are free to use it, you would need to find one that offers the maximum adjustment ranges or different options for flexibility.

If other people in varying heights are going to use it and for various tasks

  • There are different adjustment range guidelines to be followed to accommodate the height of most males and females. US guidelines observe the BIFMA, and ANSI/HFES. ANSI/HFES 100: 2007 requires a scope ranging from 22″ to 48″; BIFMA G1.23: 2013 requires 22.6″ to 48.7″. Europe guidelines follow BS EN 527-1: 2011 requires a scope ranging from 650 mm and 1250 mm (25.6″ to 49.2″).
  • Remember you can always add other factors such as keyboard trays, footrest, and casters to add height if you find it hard to choose one that best fits you and your needs.

Do I want one that rises straight up and down, or towards me?

The two most popular types of standing desks are the ones that goes straight up and down, or the one that goes towards you.

Straight Up and Down

Towards You

You’ll have to decide which one will be most comfortable to you. You’ll want to consider the space you have between your standing position and your desk.

Is it the right size for me and my workspace?

This is the same as above. The height and other dimensions such as the depth and width should fit you and your needs. It is all about ergonomics. Ergonomics play a big part in ensuring that you get a functional product that fulfills its purpose while complementing your strengths and minimizing your limitations.

Desk convert depth

The distance from the front all the way to the back of your table top should be at least 30” to accommodate your needs. Lesser than that and you will be facing your desk with your monitor so close to your face that might potentially impair your vision in the long run.

Desk converter width

Desks come in varying height, depth, and width. Take into considerations your measurements, your needs, and your workspace.

How much work surface do I have?

Ask yourself how much surface area you may need. Will you be needing a large enough work surface area for dual monitors plus a keyboard and mouse? Perhaps you’re only working with a laptop. If you’re just working with a laptop, perhaps you can check out our list of portable and adjustable standing desk for beds. This may be suffice for your laptop needs. Or you may be using a laptop and an external monitor, which may require a larger working surface. Don’t forget to account for your coffee mug too. Desktop converters can vary in size, and you’ll want to make sure to account enough room that you won’t be knocking over your drink.

What is the weight capacity?

Standing desk converters also vary in weight capacity. If you are planning to place heavier items or devices on your desk, choose one that is sturdy enough to stand and accommodate all your desktop items.

Do I want the electric desk riser or a manual desk converters?

This is a matter of preference. You can opt for an electric standing desks but you have to consider if a little noise is not going to be a problem. Electric ones are powered by small motors that sometimes produce noise. If you are going to use it in a common area or as your regular office desk replacement, maybe it is not a good choice. You wouldn’t want your co-workers and customers to get distracted by it.

Keep in mind that this guide are all manual converters. Most converters uses a air suspension system or some type of hydraulics to easily level your desk frame up and down. However, sometimes you’ll come across crank adjustable ones (but these are usually built on full standing desks), but be wary, because these can cause shaky movements when going up and down.

Note: We’re currently testing a few electric standing desk. Full reviews of these sit stand desktop furniture will be up in 2019.

Should I get one with flexible monitor arms?

If you are looking to buy a standing desk that offers you more flexibility by having an option to adjust your monitor to your preferred height, viewing depths, orientation, and angle to avoid straining your eyes and enhance your visual performance, get one with adjustable monitor arms.

Is a keyboard mouse tray necessary?

This is also based on your preferences. It is unnecessary provided the desk accommodates your height requirements that you can work comfortably while seated or standing. If you feel that there is a mismatch between the desk height and the comfortable elbow height, getting a keyboard tray may be useful.

It can be purchased as a combined unit or in separate pieces. You should consider the size of your workspace. The bigger your workspace, the more options you have. You can choose to have a keyboard tray with a longer arm so you can pull it out in the most comfortable way.

There are sit-stand keyboard trays available in the market today. These keyboards allow users to shift from seated to standing position easily. But these don’t always work because they don’t always fit the right anthropometric measurement of users. These are just options. You still have to do your research and make sure that the keyboard has all the necessary features.

What kind of keyboard tray to look for

  • The adjustable height of the keyboard tray should be adjustable by at least 4 inches.
  • Tilt can be adjusted by at least 15 degrees.
  • The tray should not jiggle/shake when pressure is applied. It should be sturdy enough.
  • Consider the measurement of your workspace. Your thigh and knee should not bump into any lever or knobs.
  • A thin keyboard that is no more than ½ inch is better
  • You should be able to raise or lower its height without using a knob
  • One that has a particular mouse platform is a good choice. The width should be enough to accommodate both the mouse and keyboard at the same height.

What about a footrest?

Like the keyboard tray, a footrest is unnecessary provided the height adjustment of your standing desk is comfortable for you. However, a footrest is useful if you are short. If you are standing, you can avoid standing fatigue by putting the pressure of each of your foot alternately on the footrest.

Is a chair still necessary?

If you plan to stand the whole day and not rest then maybe you don’t need one. But this is not a healthy practice. You still need a chair for when you need to sit down and rest your legs and back. Your chair doesn’t have to be expensive and too comfortable that you’d be tempted to sit all day and succumb to a sedentary lifestyle.

If you want more information, we also provided ideas on standing desk stools and ergonomic chairs:

Should I use a wellness anti-fatigue floor mat?

It is unnecessary but if you want to be more comfortable working in a standing position, cushy mats and anti-fatigue mats are an excellent add-on to your workspace.

Criteria we used to rate our stand desk converters

  • Type – Its good to understand what kind of stand up desk converter fits your needs.
  • Task Space – We like to assess whether there’s ample room for doing most of your tasks on the stand up desk converters.
  • Keyboard Space – Some sit to stand converters are two tiered platforms, where there’s keyboard space, and we incorporate the space within our reviews. This gives customers more task space and be more efficient with their work.
  • Material & Build Quality – The material and quality is important because we want to know how sturdy the product is. The better materials used, the better the desk can withstand heavier loads.
  • Value of Money – We wanted to find the top standing desk converters for all price ranges and see how it lives up to its value. “We get what we paid for.”
  • Stability/Sturdy – One of the most important decision factor, because a lot of the desk risers on the market can be unstable and wobbly – we wouldn’t want to pay top dollar for something that can’t handle a couple of monitors.
  • Warranty & Customer Service – We wanted to throw this into the mix because we know how important customer service is if you’re having trouble with your standing desk converter.
  • Ease of use/Adjustability – Some standing desk converters has better adjustments than other and we’ve considered this in our rating because everyone’s height is different as well as their comfort level.
  • Ergonomics – Another important criteria (I guess by now, these criteria used are all important at some degree) we had to consider and which is why most of us decide to buy a standing desk converter. Having the incorrect monitor, keyboard, and mouse can cause more harm to you, creating neck, back, and shoulder pains.

Advice for new standing desk converter users

You can ease into working while standing

You don’t need to force yourself to stand all day, and we don’t recommend it. Remember, try to sit for 20 minutes and then stand for 20. You can work your way up to these intervals if needed.

Don’t forget to stretch also

Sometimes you’ll need to stretch a few times, but that’s so great about having a stand up desk, because you’re already in a standing position.

Look into leaning

There are chairs that are designed for stand up desks, and most of them will have a foot rest where you can lean on it. These desk stools are probably the best option, once you think you’ll be able to handle standing for longer periods of time.

Perhaps, invest in a standing desk mat can help with fatigue?

An anti-fatigue mat can really help with being tired at the office. These mats are designed specifically for standing desks, and they’ll keep your legs from hurting. There are ones that are non-flat so it’ll encourage you to constantly move your legs.

Going forward on adjustable sit stand desks

If you ask us, our top pick remains to be the Varidesk stand up desk converter, which can be perfect for your home office. Its excellent features, quality, and construction trumps all other desks of its kind. People who bought it swear by it and do not regret their decision. A little bit more expensive than others but we stand by our belief that you always get what you paid for. On top of that, Varidesk has been around for some time, so you could assume that the company is reputable with better customer service than competitors.

It is time to stop the sedentary lifestyle and reap the benefits of standing while working. Not only that you’ll notice a huge difference in your health and energy levels, but you’ll also increase your productivity and job performance.

With all the health benefits of switching to a standing desk mentioned above, and a roundup of some of the best standing desk converters available on the market today, choosing the one that perfectly suits your needs is now a breeze.

However, if you’re not convinced at spending money on these adjustable sit to stand converters, you can get your feet wet by building a DIY stand up converter, but it would be more of a fixed height than an easy adjustable height system, but it’ll get you started with the sit stand workstation lifestyle.

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