Comparing TI 84 Plus CE vs TI 84 Plus [Full Review Guide]

This article we’ll be going over the difference between two popular graphing calculators used by many students throughout their high school and college years for their math and science courses, the TI 84 Plus CE and the TI 84 Plus.

These two products have been the number one choice for a lot of students, and have helped them get through tough classes such as trigonometry and calculus. The TI 84 Plus was introduced in 2004, and still without a doubt the choice for helping kids get through their class.

Eventually, in 2015, a newer TI 84 Plus was introduced, which has gained a lot of traction since then, giving a little more power than its predecessor.

TI-84 CE Graphing Calculator

ti 84 ce graphing calculator

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Newer and improved TI-84 Plus

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Amazon Reviews: 2,200+

TI-84 Plus Calculator

ti84 plus graphincal calculator

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More affordable and very durable

Price: $110
Amazon Star Ratings: 4 stars
Amazon Reviews: 3,700+ (new)

Texas Instruments and Its Customer Service Review

Texas Instruments has been around for many years now and without a doubt, they’ve been making some of the best calculators on the market. They have excellent customer service, and if there’s anything wrong with your devices, they provide one-year limited warranty for the calculators.

Fortunately, they sell on Amazon, and if you purchase their calculators from there, Amazon can provide 30-day returns if there’s anything wrong with it. This gives you the ability to try the calculators for 30-days and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it through Amazon’s services.

TI 84 Plus CE Review

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator

The newer and improved calculator within the TI-84 family. Upgraded body, software, and hardware, perfect for complex functions.

The TI 84 Plus CE is a newer version of the popular TI 84 Plus graphing calculator. The CE has a lot of cool new features like the new addition of applications. The TI 84 Plus CE applications allow the student to extend the functionally of the calculator, allowing you to perform specific match and science functions and deepen the understanding of concepts.

Since the TI 84 Plus CE has only been around since 2015, the calculator is already approved for exams such as the PSAT, SAT and ACT college entrance exams. You’re able to use this for AP and IB exams too. However, it is still a good idea to be cautious about this calculator because not all exams may allow graphing calculators.

Notable Features

  • Vibrant and enhanced screen readability with a backlit display, giving you the ability to visualize concept clearly and make faster, stronger connections between equations, data, and graphs.
  • You can choose different fun colors of the actual calculators.
  • 30% lighter and thinner.
  • Rechargeable batteries using a USB.
  • Available memory: 3.0MB ROM, 154K RAM.

TI 84 Plus CE Customer Reviews

The Good:

  • Better and nicer looking, thinner too.
  • Ability to transfer files from the calculator to computer easily.
  • Response rate when calculating is faster.
  • Multi-colored graphs is great to differentiate equations.

The Bad:

  • Not as durable as the TI 84 Plus, can break easily if dropped.
  • Back-lit colors drains the batteries faster.

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TI 84 Plus Review

Texas Instruments Ti-84 plus Graphing calculator

The older version that’s been out since 2004. More affordable than the CE, and can get you through your high school and early level college courses.

This is the predecessor of the TI 84 Plus CE graphing calculator. While this is an older model of the CE, it definitely is still useful today as the day it was released, which was back in 2004.

Notable Features

  • The resolution is 96×64
  • Uses four AAA batteries.

TI 84 Plus Customer Reviews

The Good:

  • The TI 84 Plus is durable.
  • Graphing calculator is good for high school and early college-level math.
  • Long battery life.

The Bad:

  • For an older model, the price of the calculator may be a little expensive compared to newer models.
  • When graphing, it may take a little long to load.
  • The calculator is a bit bulky.

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Major changes of TI-84 Plus vs TI-84 Plus CE

Screen Color and Resolution

There’s a major upgrade to the newer CE version, with a resolution of 320×240 pixels, compared to the 96×64 older model, this allows the calculator to have a more defined image with sharper details. In addition to an upgrade resolution, the screen was upgrade to color as well. makes it easier on the eyes. One big feature to note is the ability to graph multiple functions and finally color code each one.

pixel and screen resolution for ti 84 plus ce vs ti 84 plus calculator

Left: Ti-84 Plus CE; Right: TI-84 Plus

Body Changes

At first glance, you’ll be able to see some interesting changes that was made. To compete with current markets, Texas Instruments decided to give the CE a “smart phone” type of look and feel while holding it. In addition to the beautiful design of the body, the calculator is much thinner and lighter than the older Plus. This allows you to easily slip into a bag or backpack.


Another major upgrade which I think you’ll appreciate is their batteries. They’ve switched from using AAA batteries to a rechargeable one. This is great for the environment, especially for those that are always using new batteries all the time. Even though these calculators don’t use up too much of the battery, it is still nice to know that you can just easily recharge them back.

One thing to note is that because of the new and vibrant color screen for the new CE, it can easily drain the battery life. Therefore, it’ll probably be a good idea to always pack a power pack just so you can be prepared to charge your calculator when it’s low on batteries.


The operating system on the new TI-84 Plus CE is much faster than the older Plus. You’ll be able to graph very complex functions without waiting for a long time, compared to the older models. Texas Instruments have been really good with new released of the OS, fixing any bugs and continues to improve with new releases each time.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on the market for a new graphing calculator, we suggest you pick up the new TI 84 Plus CE. It has all the bells and whistles. Although, it will cost you a bit more, and here at Desk Advisor, we believe that the features outweighs the price. The older Plus model can definitely get you by, but the new CE is really easy to operate and the extra speed that it comes with will get you to finish your problems a lot faster and prevent frustration.

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