Become Active and More Productive While Working

Enable your best self and start having a healthier lifestyle, and become more productive at your desk by simply using a standing desk.

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Why staying active while working matters

Back Pain

Sitting causes pressure to your lower back, creating unwanted back pains. When excessive sitting, more pressure is applied to your lower back when you sit vs. when you stand.


Office productivity and overall mood are negatively impacted by excessive sitting. Schedule a time to constantly stay active, and thus will also reduce afternoon slumps.

Posture & Ergonomics

People are often too into their work so they lose sight of how they sit, causing posture and ergonomic issues, which will eventually create long term health issues.

Health Risks

Studies show excessive sedentary at work is linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer. People who sit often are encouraged to find ways to stay active.

man standing up working and burning calories

Burn extra calories while standing vs sitting

Using a standing desk can help burn off that extra calories throughout the day. Although, these calories won’t be as much as active exercising, but it does add up. Find out how much more calories you can burn!

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Why staying active while working matters

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