Our In-Depth of the DeskCycle Bike Review for 2019

Do you want to be able to make more out of your day when sitting at your desk? Have you ever thought about how you could amplify your day to benefit your health, even while sitting and working?

There are many silly exercises you can do around your workspace, but there might be an easier solution that you don’t even have to get up to use. The DeskCycle Desk tool is the ideal choice for those who want to sneak in a full hardcore cardio workout without even having to take their eyes off of their task in front of them.

The best thing about this product is that anyone can use it and you can choose to customize your workout so you can select your own intensity. This tool sits under the desk and allows you to work out just like a stationary bike at the gym, there’s absolutely no difference in the actual exercise, except for the fact that you can be comfortable at work and stay productive and active!

This in-depth review of the DeskCycle bike will give you the opportunity to ensure that you’re choosing whether or not this product will work for you. We’ll be discussing this brand, as well as the product to make sure it’s the ideal choice.

After finishing this guide, you’ll have all the necessary information to help you choose whether or not you want to invest in this revolutionary bike for your office desk.

You Will Love This Product If…

  • You want something discreet: The smooth pedals on this product will be discreet and unnoticeable. When you use this product it makes virtually no sound whatsoever, even when you have the resistance turned up all the way and you’re working out as hard as possible. Because this product is so quiet, you won’t feel distracted when trying to work at the same time, eventually, you won’t even remember that you’re working out while working on the task in front of you.
  • You want to boost your workouts: For anyone who is working at a desk area, even if they’re just playing games, being able to add an extra boost to other workout routines you might be doing, is a great way to build up cardio endurance without even thinking about it.
  • If you don’t have time for the gym: If you constantly are stuck at the office, you may want to consider building a gym in your office. This is such a great option for those who want to workout more than they currently have time for. You’ll love this product if you really enjoy feeling energized and focused on work. There’s always time for a workout!
  • You want a challenge: There are many different resistance levels that come with this product. You won’t feel as if you’re just mindlessly pedaling, you’ll feel the burn if you really want to. This is perfect if you want something easier when working and then on your breaks you can amp up the resistance to push yourself a bit harder.

You Might Not Like This Product If…

  • You have a hard time focusing on your work: If you easily get distracted, this might not be the ideal way of exercise for you. If you already have a hard time focusing on the task at hand it is highly likely that you will have a harder time focusing on the task if you’re being active and filled with more energy.
  • You have painful joints or aches: Unless you speak with your doctor beforehand, if you have any joint problems or chronic pain, this product might not be the best choice for you. Even if you don’t experience major joint pains, we suggest that you speak to your doctor before you begin this exercise routine daily.
  • You are constantly using a desk converter to stand: If you’re constantly standing up, then this wouldn’t be great for your under table workout equipment. Having a stand-up desk has already a lot of benefits to your health, but you can still definitely check put this on the side if you still decide to add an extra tool for your workout.


DeskCycle Bike Overview

The DeskCycle is a small but powerful exercising equipment, made by 3D Innovations, where you can easily burn 1,000 calories a day while you work. It’s very quiet, so you won’t disturb your coworkers or distract you from your daily routine, and very user-friendly, uses an electronic display where you can measure your speed, time, distance, calories, and more.

Colors availableWhite
Dimensions24″ Length x 20″ Width x 10″ Depth
Product weight23 lbs
WarrantyOne-year warranty for parts and labor
Where to buy

The Adjustable Qualities

One of the fan favorite features of this product happens to be the adjustable qualities that make this exercise product perfect for those who want something customized for them. This product can be adjusted in pedal height and comes with a range of resistance levels that can push you to the limits of your cardio experience, ideal for those who want a challenge.

This product can also be easily used by those who want something easier to occupy their energy with, it can be completely customized for your and your lifestyle.

The Highlighted Features

We’d like to include a few more select highlighted features of this product, just to give you a well-rounded idea of the product and how it can alter your lifestyle in a positive way.

Clear Display: This product also has a fantastic display so you can see exactly how fast you’re pedaling and the distance you’ve pedaled. You can also keep track of the calories you’ve burned as well.

Large Pedals: The large pedals on this product allow you to comfortably find the right place for your feet. They won’t let your feet slip and you can pedal for a long amount of time without worrying about feeling uncomfortable.

Other Considerations

Warranty: This product comes with a full one year warranty for US customers. Every part of this product is covered by this warranty and if you have problems with the product, you can usually get it repaired at a bike shop or returned in full to the company. You are automatically covered when you purchase a product from DeskCycle, you don’t even have to register.

Return Policy: There is a 30-day return policy, you can return this product within 30 days, even if you just decide that the product is not right for you. The company will even pay for return shipping as well. This offer only extends to those who purchase and live within the US.

Bottom Line

The DeskCycle Desk tool is a very easy way to boost your heart rate when you’re stuck too long at your workspace. When you introduce this new aspect to your workout routine, you’ll easily be able to reap the benefits of this product. The DeskCycle is a great product to have when you want to counteract sitting all day.

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