4 Best Standing Desk Stools You Should Know [Buyer’s Guide]

Nowadays, we are becoming more aware of the different challenges brought by too much sitting and standing as it results to improper body posture. In fact, studies shows that prolonged sitting and standing cause obesity and affects metabolism. This is the reason why offices are encouraged to provide a healthier working environment for their employees such as the use of standing desk stools to complement using a standing desk converter, and perhaps other office equipment.

Having a good chair at the office or even at home is essential for your entire well-being. It does not only promote proper body posture but also reduces the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and even stimulate correct metabolism. Standing desk stools allow you to prevent these diseases and imbalances from happening and thus increase mortality.

Purpose of this article

This article intends to provide you the most detailed buying guide for you to choose the best standing desk stools. We are very aware that there are a lot of options in the market which makes the choosing a difficult task. Our experts in the team have also made sure that we will be able to provide you the specific factors to consider upon choosing so you can start weighing down your choices according to your own purpose and the functions you preferred.

With the tight competition in the market today and the wide array of choices, it is best that we are fully equipped with the knowledge for us to choose the best one that can fulfill our needs and our preferences. We hope that the following discussion will provide you the necessary skills and information to ensure that you will get your money’s worth.

Why use a standing desk stool?

If you having a standing desk, then a sit to stand chair is a great combination to continue your work without having to adjust the desk to a sitting position. Other than having the ability to have a continuous workflow, here are some reasons people use a standing desk stool:

  • Helps reduce risk of lower back pain – This will help with tilting your pelvis slightly forward, allowing your spine to return to a natural state, giving you a more relax feeling and recovery on  your lower back.
  • Increase movement and core muscles for better health – Some of these chairs require you to use your core muscles to stabilize the chair, thus encourages you to keep an active state.
  • Reduces risk of lower limb circulation problems – Standing desk stools helps with the circulation of your blood. Leaning or sitting on the stool helps users flex the muscles of the lower legs, and thus helps with circulation of the blood in the lower legs.
  • Reduces strain on knees – While standing, you may create stress on your knees and joints, but having a sit/stand stool can help reduce this problem.
Product ImageName 
Top rated
Learniture Active Learning Sit Stand Stool Chair

Runner up
Varidesk - Varichair Standing Desk Chair

Best active chair
Uncaged Ergonomics - Wobble Standing Desk Stool

Best for the core
Gaiam - Balance Sit Stand Stool Chair

The Best Desk Stools for Stand Up Desks

Now, we will be presenting to you our top three best standing desk stool according to the studies and research of our experts. We made sure that these chair meets all the factors we have highlighted above to narrow your choices down.

Check each of them below and choose the best one that meets your standards.

Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Sit Stand Chair

The Learniture has become one of the top rated active chair used in grade schools or for standing desks. This chair allows you to adjust from 18.5″ up to 28″ in height, with their easy-to-use pneumatic gas lift.

At the highest level, this chair can support you while you’re using a standing desk, while at the lowest level, you can use it on a regular standard height desk.

The base of the chair is non-slip material, and curved allowing for a wide range of motion. This gives you the freedom to sit in any position that you feel comfortable, while maintaining ergonomics and ensuring proper posture for sitting.

This standing desk stool is given the name “active learning stool” so it’ll encourage correct posture and strengthening core muscles, helping you develop the right habits when working at a desk.

VARIchair Standing Stool Chair by Varidesk

The VARIchair is one of the lightest chairs as it only weighs 26 pounds. It comes already assembled and ready for use. Thus, you no longer have to worry about installment procedure and steps.

You can easily adjust the height of this chair according to your preferences as it also offers adjustment settings that are easy to use and very accessible. All you have to do is look for the handle which you need to press for you to adjust the height of the entire chair.

The best thing about Varichair is it allows you to move in various directions which prevents you from doing the same position in a prolong period of time. In addition, it encourages its users to lean which is another great and healthier work position compared to the usual sitting position. The only downside of Varichair is it does not have the support at the back which could be great to improve one’s posture.

In fact, basing from the reviews of most Amazon users, they appreciated most the capability of this chair to support their movement regardless if it is side to side, front and back and even 360 movement. They also like the idea that its height can be adjusted according to their own liking.

However, they also suggested that the height limitation should be published by the manufacturer as it may affect the overall comfort to its users. People who are not tall enough may have some issues with the lowest setting as it may still be too high for them to work on their table.

Uncaged Ergonomics WOBBLE STOOL 2 Standing Stool Chair

This is one of the most appreciated stools in the market today. Its design comes in an elegant style which offers a professional and noteworthy impression to your clients. Its seat is designed deliberately to target improved comfort and movement while sitting.

This compact Wobble stool can be easily adjusted and is very easy to operate. You can enjoy the stool the soonest possible time as it offers an easy installing experience to its users. In spite of its name Wobble stool, you can expect a wobble-free experience through its properly designed base.

It also allows adjustments which gives the user the ultimate control to enjoy the stool. The best feature that it offers to the users is its base which is design in a rounded manner which is beneficial as it allows the entire stool to adjust with your movements. The rubber base of this stool is also a plus as it ensures a strong foundation and stability.

Most of its users who reviewed this stool in Amazon are very impressed with its quality especially that it offers a stable base and an excellent cushioning. They are satisfied with this chair as it allows them to move freely without worrying of getting out of balance. However, there are a lot of these reviewers who have expressed their dissatisfaction to this chair since it keeps them slipping off the edge which result to their discomfort.

Gaiam Adjustable Balance Ball Sit Stand Stool Chair

This is one interesting stool and is gaining increase popularity among its users and curiosity among those who have not tried it yet. It is not like the regular chair which you normally use. Balance balls, also known as Yoga balls are commonly used in gym and yoga classes for exercise activities.

It can be easily installed and will allow you to use it the soonest possible time. Using such may take time and practice to get used to. However, once you already develop the proper steps in using this, you will feel the significant changes in your posture.

Its design provides an unstable experience to the users which force them to improve balance and their core muscles. With this, you will be able to develop proper posture and increase the strength of your muscles. The only problem with this chair is it is only compatible with individuals with height between 5’ and 5’11.

Most reviewers are happy with the benefits that it provides as it goes beyond the regular chair can offer. Its quality is outstanding and it forces the improvement of proper body posture. The only problem experienced by most of its users is the need to re-inflate it from time to time which could be a bit inconvenient to most busy individuals.

Some Factors in Choosing the Best Standing Desk Stool for Standing Desks

As highlighted above, there are a lot of things that you need to consider when you are purchasing a standing desk stool. Check the following factors and hopefully you’ll come to a conclusion on which desk stool will work for you.

Ergonometric of the stool

This is one of the most vital factors which you need to check on your ideal standing desk stool. You have to ensure that your chosen stool promote the proper posture and provides the health benefits that you would like to have.This factor promotes health which is a long term benefit for you or for your employees. You may need to go beyond comfort, style and your intended budget as you keep this factor in mind. However, you can be assured that you will be able to function effectively at work by keeping this factor in mind.

How comfortable is it?

The key to proper posture is comfort. In fact, you will be able to freely move, stand and sit when you are comfortable with the size, style and design of your stool. So, make sure that upon choosing, your preferred stool provides you the comfort you need.

Your preference on appearance and design

Of course, you will need to check the design and the general appearance of your standing desk stool. Make sure that the design does not affect the comfort it provides and delivers the impression which you would like for your clients to have on you.You have to take note of the fact that the moment your clients will enter your working area, your office and its furniture will be the first one that they will notice. So, make sure that they will not see cheap looking furniture and guarantee that you are capable of meeting their expectations.

How much will it cost me?

Through this guideline, you will be able to find the most efficient standing desk stool for a reasonable range of prices. Although, you also have to consider that most of the time, additional comfort and efficiency may require extra cost. In fact, a lot of people believe that buying cheap is a lot more expensive.When you settle for less expensive materials, it usually means settling for the least best and often times allow you to spend more as you need to buy a replacement from time to time.

This is why it is imperative that you consider the factors we have presented here for you to be confident that everything which you will be spending on will be worth your every penny.

Our Two Cents on the Matter

Standing Desk Stools are recommended as they do not only you the comfort which you need to perform efficiently at work or at school but also ensure that you gain health benefits for your body. This is the reason why we have come up with this article for you to find the best one that can deliver these benefits without wasting your money for choosing the wrong one.

Basing from the above discussion, we like the Varichair by Varidesk. It offers the quality, comfort, excellent design and ergonometric qualifications which are essential to your sitting and standing experiences.  It may have its own downside but its benefit and affordable price outweigh such shortcomings.

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