Best Laptop Desk for Lap and Bed with Storage, Cushioned, and Heat Ventilation

By using a laptop desk, not only will you be elevating the quality of your work, but you’ll also help your body avoid potential health issues that could be apart of your life when you simply use your laptop on your lap without any protection.

When you don’t use a tool like a lap desk for your laptop, you end up hunching over in most cases, causing bad back problems and stress on your spine. It can also make you more tired because you aren’t in an alert position, instead you’re just putting pressure on your back that will impair your mood and your work quality.

The most positive benefit you can receive when using a lap desk for your laptop is the fact that they are designed to help relieve stress on your back. You’ll feel so much more relaxed and in control of how you feel when working with your laptop. Your shoulders won’t be hunched over and you won’t feel groggy. Plus your wrists will be able to stay balanced and insure that you’re not causing harm to them.

With the laptop cushioned lap trays, you’ll have a more ergonomic workflow whenever you’re away from your desk, and still stay productive when you’re on the couch or bed.

We’ll be going over some high quality lap desks for you to look through, we’ve done all the research so you don’t have to and you can find the product that works for you!



Soafia + Sam – Memory foam lap desk with USB light and retractable mouse

Bottom Line: Sleek in design, ideal for those who want a compact space with portable capabilities.

The Sofia + Sam lap desk is ideal for those who want to use more than one device at a time, such as a laptop, phone, and tablet. This product also comes with an easy to use mouse pad that will help you upgrade your productivity to help you really gain control of your work.

In addition to this product helping you control your productivity and your comfort, this product also comes with a memory foam cushion to help reduce the heat on your legs and any surface.

  • Includes a tablet slot
  • Slide out mouse pad for easy access and quick storage
  • This product comes with a memory foam cushion on the bottom
  • Has a quality wrist rest
  • A sturdy handle for portability
  • Has the option to come with a LED light
  • Does not have any temperature control benefits, but still
  • Does not have space for bigger tablets
  • The wrist rest is not detachable
  • The mouse easily falls off the mouse pad, but can easily be fixed by adding your own mouse pad

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iSkelter – Ultimate Gamers LapDesk with Mouse Pad and Heat Ventilation

Bottom Line: The ultimate heat resistant lap desk, ideal for those who spend a longer amount of time on their laptop running intense programs and games that cause the laptop to heat up quickly.

This product is the ultimate gaming surface you can use with any computer of any size. With high quality bamboo material that will help with ventilation for long periods of time. With a quality heat protection that will allow you to embrace the continual heat from your computer without it affecting your legs or any surface you use this product on.

Overall, this product is comfortable to use, while also helping you to correct your posture, making it almost feel as if you’re using a desk or table like a normal work station.

  • Unique and sleek design
  • Quality walnut bamboo
  • Has heat protection naturally through the wood
  • Perfect for any size laptop
  • Money back guarantee
  • Very easy to use and comfortable
  • This product has a much higher price tag, but offers higher quality
  • This product tends to only fit smaller laptops

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Riun Ex – Simple curved bamboo laptop lap desk with cushion and handle

Bottom Line: A stylish and minimalist bamboo lap desk that offers the user high strength and smooth, durable lasting quality.

With a great medium price range, this ergonomic desk offers a unique curve that will fit you body so it’s comfortable and ideal for those who want to use this product for long periods of time. Also if you don’t like using this product, you’ll be able to get your money back and it’s guaranteed.

With the long list of special features this product gives you, with a detachable cushion and the ability for this product to accommodate many sizes of laptops, you’ll be very happy with this product the more you use it.

  • More affordable, but reflects in the quality as well
  • Product may not last for a very long time, but great for short term use

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Lap Desk – Carbon fiber design with phone holder and ergonomic wrist pad

Bottom Line: The extra large lap desk features a fantastic wrist pad for ultimate comfort, a tracking mousepad, and a great smooth surface for your laptop and ventilation.

This lap desk is one of the best quality options on the market, it’s even an Amazon’s Choice product with close to 5 stars. It can fit up to 17 inch laptops so most computers will be able to fit easily. This product also has an essential precision tracking mouse pad that’s easy to be able to use any mouse for your computer that won’t end up sliding all over when adjusting or moving when using this product.

This LapGear desk is ideal for those who want more support with their wrist and for their overall posture, this desk will help you while also keeping you cool in the process as well. This product also comes with a phone holder as well so you can have easy access to everything you need when working at any time.

  • This product can fit up to 17 inch laptops
  • This product can also hold your cell phone
  • A precision tracking mouse pad built in
  • Two bolster pillows to help with comfort and ventilation
  • An ergonomic wrist pillow to help with proper wrist alignment
  • This product comes with an Airflow Channel to help cool your computer
  • A little more expensive, but reflects in quality of product
  • Wrist rest can get in the way for some users
  • Wrist rest can get flat for longer use
  • Ideal for a tablet use opposed to laptop use, due to modern laptops being more slim

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Songmics – Bamboo lap desk tray with tablet and phone holders

Bottom Line: An interesting design that also comes with a tablet and phone holder so you can easily keep track of everything you need to have with you while you work.

Another Amazon’s Choice product that is rated almost five stars, which should speak volumes about the quality and how people have responded to this product overall. From the built in mouse pad, the unique design, the ability to store all of your devices, while also being able to multitask with the large laptop space.

You’ll be able to also use this product for a long time without your laptop overheating or your lap becoming too hot because you’ll be able to have ventilation through the rhombic carved surface that is also modern and design worthy as well.

Will this be the right choice for you and your lifestyle?

  • Bamboo material that helps encourage renewable materials while also allowing the reduction of heat
  • Lightweight so it can be moved easily
  • Very large surface for any product you may want to use
  • Additional space for a mouse and mouse pad
  • A great cooling design that helps to keep your laptop and legs cool
  • Does not have cushion
  • Great for smaller size computers

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Max Smart – Portable lap desk pad with retractable tray slip

Bottom Line: Looking to save space? Try the portable laptop desk that allows you to easily retract a mouse tray into the body of the tray so you can easily bring this lap desk with you anywhere you want.

This portable and very thin laptop desk is compact, ideal for those who want a very portable product that can also fit within their laptop bag for travel or working outside of the office or home. This product is very straightforward, which is a positive because it doesn’t take up much space and it doesn’t weight much either so it won’t drag down your laptop bag when carrying everything together.

Overall, this product is high quality and comes with a heat shield as well so you can protect your laptop from overheating. As well as providing you with a grippy surface to keep your electronics safe.

  • A great portable design that works well for travel or working on the go
  • A retractable mouse pad for easy use and compact storage
  • Lightweight product and thin, perfect for any laptop bag
  • This product has a heat shield that will protect your lap and legs, or work area
  • This product has an anti-grip feature so your laptop and mouse won’t be sliding all over
  • This product may be a dated design to some, but still has great functionalities
  • This product only works well for 15 inch laptops or smaller, great for tablet computers

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What to look for in a cushioned laptop desk?

When looking for a lap desk to use for your laptop, there are some qualities you might want to keep an eye open for. We’ve gone through them all below so you’ll be able to understand the good and bad when it comes to this market of tools to help you increase productivity.

You should always look for a laptop tray that had good ventilation support on the tray so your computer can breathe and not overheat. You need to also make sure that when using the product, your legs aren’t becoming too hot.

No matter what kind of lap desk you want, the smaller the better, anything that can be compact and save space will be able to allow you to productively bring this surface with you wherever you want.

We’ve gone ahead to list some other questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase:

  • Does it have a retractable mouse pad?
  • Are you able to bring it with you because it’s a compact size?
  • Is it lightweight and thin?
  • Can you use it in your laptop bag?
  • Does it offer temperature control of any kind?
  • Does it have an anti-slip surface so your electronics won’t slip?
  • Does it have any other kind of storage solution?

At the end of the day when you make a purchase that turns into an investment, no matter how big or small, when you pay attention to the quality you want in your life, that will be reflected in your mood and your work.

Let us know what products stood out to you the most, we’d love to know what you might invest in next!

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