10 Best L-Shaped Desk for the Home Office with Features and Storage

Design plays a much bigger role in an office space than you might expect. More often than not, when the design balance is neglected in a workspace it can really put a hindrance on your work without you even realizing it in most cases. Introducing, the l-shaped desks, these types of desks will give you the space you need for work, but also minimizing the footprint for your room.

Having a modern design creates an open and airy space that helps not only keep your room feel less cluttered. It’s been proven that an open and minimal space is more likely to keep your head clear of mental clutter and help aid in focus when it comes to your work in front of you.

In this article, we have a lot of great l-shaped desks that are glass, modern, and has a lot of storage. a modern sense of style into any space, but also because glass-topped desks really open up space and make the area seem more spacious and bright, and that can look great with your stand up desk converters or desk lamps.

Not only will a glass-topped desk open up the space you’re working in, but it will also force you to pay more attention to clutter since you won’t be able to hide things under your desk. This will help declutter the space and really allows the area to feel clean and filled with less distraction and more focus.

Let’s get started going through this list! Hopefully, after finishing this list you’ll find a product that works well for you and your lifestyle.

Best L-Shaped Office Desk

Home Accent Furnishings – Contemporary with tempered glass L desk

home accent l shaped computer desk

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This white metal and tempered glass corner l shaped workspace is a great contemporary and minimal design desk.

With powder-coated finish, this X frame corner l shaped office desk will last years to come and has thick reliable glass that won’t crack or become loose when used regularly.

The movement of this design makes a very modern statement that will keep your space fresh.

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Coaster Home Furnishings – Reversible, allowing you to move computer tower base

coaster home furnishings office l shaped desk
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If you want a space that brings together modern design with a few traditional curves, this is the desk for you.

Perfect for any space that you want to really make pop.

A great thing about this desk is that it has a built-in CPU holder and glass pull keyboard tray that will help minimize clutter as well.

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Realspace – Beautiful mix of wood, glass, and chrome frame

real space mezza l-shaped glass top desk
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The cherry wood accents mixed with the glass top of this workspace is unique and really makes a fantastic statement in any room, especially if you want to play with neutral tones as well.

While this desk has more of a price tag, the design with this option is very innovative and you’re paying for the style more than anything.

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WE Furniture – Modern with an elevated shelf

we furniture metal corner l-shaped computer desk
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A very small option that you don’t see very often, this glass desk black color offers a fantastic style change that plays with lines and shape to be a great focal point in any office space.

This is a great option for those who have limited space.

Plus with the elevated levels, you’ll be able to organize your space how you want to.

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HOMCOM – Smoked out finish with a movable computer tray

homcom l shape desk
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This desk is a very large option for those who want a bold focal point to work with when decorating their office space. The Homcom l-shaped glass desk has a keyboard pull out in the middle and a computer tower stand with wheels.

The desk is large enough to double as an l-shaped gaming desk or business office desk.

In addition, both sides are similar dimensions so you can consider this a reversible l shaped desk where you can position it on either side, left or right of your office.

Furniture Maxx – Simple yet modern and contemporary

baraga home office l shaped desk
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Simple and sleek, the Furniture Maxx desk is very simple and straightforward, no trays or storage, ideal for those who are looking for a very streamlined option without any added features.

Great with any modern home or office decor. The glass table makes it look very stylish and mid century modern l-shaped desk look feel.

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Technii Mobili – Sturdy tempered glass l-shape office desk

technii mobili tempered l-shape glass
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A very inexpensive option for those who want to have a very simple tempered glass l-shaped office desk that really can be blended in with any environment.

If you want to experiment with shapes without going too overboard in your office space, this is the ideal product for you.

This desk comes with a keyboard pull out tray and a computer tower holder to keep you more organized. The desk also has footrests so you can keep your feet elevated.

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Ameriwood Home – A glass l-shaped desk with a book shelf

ameriwood cruz l shaped office desk
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Another cherry l-shaped glass desk, that combines contrasting materials to really make a very modern and traditional statement.

One of the highlighted features of this desk is the added shelving that doesn’t take away from the openness of this product.

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Walker Edison Furniture Company – Simple yet elegant

walker edison soreno l shaped black desk
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This l-shaped desk really plays with curves like one of the options above, but they’ve streamlined it in a way that it will still open up space.

With the highlight feature being the black glass, this desk is a perfect statement to make if you want a contrasting piece of the workspace that will pull a modern room together.

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Ryan Rove – A glass l-shaped desk throughout

ryan rove l shaped white contemporary desk
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If you’re looking for a desk that’ll bring the brightness into your room, then consider this Ryan Rove l-shaped contemporary desk. It comes with a computer tower shelf with keyboard tray for ergonomics.

You can’t go wrong with modern silver and clean glass workstation for the home office.

This is an excellent choice for those who want to keep their space light, clean, and decluttered.

This is also a great option if you have a ton of natural light in your space, this product will reflect the light and open up space.

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L-Shape Desk Buying Guide

Chances are that you need an l-shape desk to be used on the corner of your room. Of course, if you have a larger space, we suggest you look into getting a u-shape desk instead. But because you’re setting this in a corner, there are some features that you might want to consider before purchasing your l-shape computer desk.

Keyboard Tray

Not all desks come with keyboard trays. Whether you need one or not is up to how you work. Most people like keyboard trays because it hides away their keyboard, so it doesn’t look too clutter on top of the desk.

Another thing to note is that the keyboard tray is typically only on one side of the table. Consider where you want to be facing when you’re working on your computer and typing.

Computer Tray

Some l-shape desk comes with a computer tray where you can set your computer tower on. You’ll need to look into what size these trays can fit because not all trays are created equal.


Be careful of the length measurements because not every l-shape desk has equal lengths on both sides. You’ll want to consider where your desk will be first, and then measure how much space you’ll have. This way it’ll prevent you from purchasing a desk, assembling it, and then to find out that it won’t fit at the corner you want your desk to be.


These desks are standard desk height, typically around 29-inches tall. This means that it should fit most people comfortable and if you’re deciding to get an ergonomic chair, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be comfortable sitting without injuring yourself.

L-Shaped Desk FAQs

Can I use a standing desk converter on top of an l-shape desk?

We don’t recommend using a heavy standing desk converter, because most of these desks have a limit of how much it can support. If you’re looking into getting a standing desk converter, we recommend getting a lighter one, perhaps one for laptops.

What are l-shaped desks good for?

There’s a lot of great use for these types of desks. However, most homes use an l-shaped desk as a corner desk, which is perfect for those that need a lot of desk space but also want to save space in their bedrooms.

L-shaped desks can also be used as a gaming desk and a study desk. Because of its shape, one side can be used to store dual gaming monitors, while the other side of the desk can be used for homework or doing work. This way, if you need to be focused, you’ll have your gaming station on the side where it’s not directly in your viewport, but close enough when you need to take a break and relieve some stress.

How are l-shaped desks measured?

Most l-shaped desks are symmetrical, and they’re measured the same. However, some l-shaped desks are long on one side of the desk, and shorters on the other. These are some things you’ll need to consider when placing it in your room.

Is an l-shaped desk an executive desk?

Most l-shaped desks are not executive desks because of its size and its quality. Executive desks are made with high quality and are a lot bigger than typical l-shaped desks. However, we have seen some l-shaped executive desks, but these are usually rare.

L-Shaped Desks Overview

Overall, no matter what glass L-shape desk you choose, as long as you choose a high-quality glass desk, you’ll be opening up your space and you’ll bring new life into your workspace. No matter if you’re in an office or a home workspace, you’ll find the right investment for your space on this list without a doubt.

After taking a look at the best l-shaped desk on the market, and you’re still not convinced that this type of office table is best suited for you, then perhaps you may want to take a look at u-shaped desks, instead. This gives you surface area for work but requires lots of square footage in your room.

Let us know your thoughts! We’d love to know what product stood out the most to you.

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