5 Best Anti Fatigue and Wellness Mat Reviews for Standing Desks [Buyer’s Guide]

Becoming a little fatigue while you’re using your standing desk?

We get it, standing and working for a few minutes can create burnout on your legs and feet. We’ve gone through a lot of anti-fatigue mats, and have put together a review of the best non-flat anti-fatigue mats that has to offer on the market. Mats come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, and we hope that reading this article will help narrow down your selection of finding the most comfortable anti-fatigue mat for your situation.

Most companies today understand that to achieve maximum work performance, they must first provide a better work experience for their employees by looking after their health and well-being. One smart or rather strategic way to accomplish this goal is to invest in a more ergonomic workplace.

The process involves assessments to identify the strengths and limitations of employees, matching specific tasks with the employee’s body capabilities, and allocating resources to provide ergonomic furniture and fixtures to all employees.

If you’re in a hurry, check out the TOPO by ERGODRIVEN from Amazon. Engineered the help you transition from sitting to standing, made from 100% high-quality polyurethane foam. This is an ideal standing desk mat because of its unique shapes allowing you to move and stretch your muscles throughout your day.

Hopefully, this article will help you realize the comfort anti fatigue mats has to offer.

Benefits of workplace ergonomics include:

  • It enhances productivity resulting in maximum work performance and competitiveness.
  • It minimizes absenteeism due to health-related issues.
  • It decreases health care costs.
  • It shows the company’s commitment to the ensuring a safety culture, which increases employee engagement and fosters morale.

In a healthy ergonomic workplace, every fixture, furniture, and lighting are designed to help employees perform better. Everything works based on a combination of different scientific disciplines, techniques, and proven research. The result gave birth to ergonomic office chairs and standing desks.

Is your company already practicing this? If not, you can raise your concern and simply suggest to upgrade your workstation’s furniture into a more ergonomic workstation. Like switching your regular desk to a standing desk.

Using standing desks are now proven to be a very effective way to minimize back pain and leg pain reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. It is an excellent way to improve productivity in the workplace.

Now, using a standing desk doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stand all day. Too much of anything is bad. Standing all day is detrimental to your health. You can follow the ergonomic rule of sitting-standing-moving cycle throughout your work shift. Also, you can purchase items to help you get the most out of it.

Recommended Non Flat Anti Fatigue Mats for Standing Desks

Let us say you work in a newly upgraded ergonomic workplace or simply in your home office space, and you want to purchase the best anti-fatigue mat to match your standing desk. Here is our list of the best anti-fatigue mats available on the market to help you pick the right one for you.

Topo by Ergodriven

Our Choice

Best Overall Non-Flat Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks

Rockin’ the market and loved by over 35,000 standers

Ergodriven claims that this is the best anti-fatigue mat to match any standing desk. It somehow rings true considering it is a crowd favorite. It is made from 100% high-quality polyurethane foam but is not flat.

It is cushioned and engineered to make switching from sitting to standing easier because of the bottom surface. You can easily stand on one foot alternately while the mat’s calculated terrain drives unconscious movements to maximize health benefits.

It is super comfortable to stand on and would fit any size of feet with a little space to spare even if you wear shoes. You can even use the back of the mat to stretch your calf throughout the day, which is a bonus. If you are someone who works almost all week, this anti-fatigue mat is perfect for you.

Product Dimensions: 26.2 x 2.7 x 29 inches

Although it is quite expensive, it has been greatly vouched by consumers that would provide you with anti fatigue comfort and added benefits. You do not have to upgrade to another anti-fatigue mat once you buy this one.

Topo Ergodriven Anti Fatigue Mat Video

Ergonomic Non-Flat Anti-Fatigue Mat by Butterfly

Runner Up

Best Uniquely Engineered Anti-Fatigue Mat

A unique and fun design to keep you energized and stimulating

Butterfly’s anti-fatigue mat also has calculated terrain that encourages the user to move comfortably while standing. It has contoured beveled edge design to avoid tripping hazard and a teardrop center for movement ankle support.

Product dimensions: 36.1 x 25.1 x 1.9 inches

You can only read and hear positive reviews about this product from people who purchased it. Most of them were surprised by how comfortable it is to move across the surface while standing. It is best for individuals who work 30 hours or more per week.

However, one minor issue is its butterfly shape. Apparently, the company stood by its name and probably designed the mat for brand recognition. Most users suggested that a rectangular shape would not only look better, it would also prevent your feet from going off the side of the mat.

In a nutshell, this anti-fatigue mat fulfills its purpose of providing safety and comfort to its users better than a flat mat.

Butterfly Non Flat Fidget Mat Video

TerraMat Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks by CubeFit


Best Multi-Functional Fidget Mats

6 different topographical features

CubeFit’s anti-fatigue mat relieves the stress and pressure from standing all day with its 3D features, which offer over 11 possible stances to encourage movement as it massages your feet. It is made of high-quality material that is thicker than its competitors for extra durability and comfort.

You can easily switch from sitting to standing as it easily slides from under your standing desk using only one foot.

Product dimensions: 30.5 x 27.5 x 3.5 inches

Make your health a priority and keep your feet happy with CubeFit’s comfort anti fatigue mat. It is perfect for people who stand all day and are prone to back and leg pains. Its increased comfort level and fun choices of settings would make you feel like you got more than what you paid for.

However, people who are short and with smaller feet might feel like the mat is too big and the edge design is quite an issue to that. But considering everything, it is a great product and fun anti-fatigue mat to buy. It is like getting a foot massage all day long.

ButFit TerraMat Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

Varidesk Anti-Fatigue Active Comfort Floor Mat

Best Fatigue Mat from Varidesk

A reputable brand you can trust

If you are a fan of Varidesk stand up desks, it is without a doubt that an anti-fatigue mat of the same brand will also be your top choice. Its line of standing desks exceeds expectations, which is something you would also expect when you purchase the Active Mat. The combination might just revolutionize your workplace.

Active Mat supports your feet, knees, hips, and back with its raised side rails and wide calf stretching panel. The size and dimensions of the mat give you enough space to move around while its high density and soft cushioning core provide comfort when you stand for an extended period of time.

The dynamic shape of this mat will enable you to shift, stretch, and stand in a variety of standing postures. Unlike other anti-fatigue mats that kind of force you to move in unconventional stances, Active Mat gives you options. This is probably its most notable feature, which is, in our opinion, an important factor to consider when buying an anti-fatigue mat.

Not only that, but it also increases productivity because of its anti slip characteristic. The mat would stay in place because of its non-slip bottom that prevents it from moving around.

Product dimensions: 23.75 x 35.5 inches

The only caveat is the mat’s rubber is slightly firmer than its competitors, but that is because of its top quality construction. Most if not all users only have nice things to say and no one had regrets in purchasing this product. It offers the best support and the greatest comfort for your feet as you work either sitting or standing.

Varidesk ActiveMat Standing Desk Mat Video

Amazon Basics Premium Anti Fatigue Mat

Amazon Basics Premium Anti-fatigue mat offers comfort and reduces fatigue when standing that is perfect for your standing desk as well as for home use. Aside from its cushion layer that follows the contours of your feet, it is stain and abrasion resistant and has a non-slip bottom base that ensures the mat stays in one place.

Product dimension: 36 x 20 inches (LxW)

Although some users were disappointed by its quality, it is still a great mat to purchase for its price.

It is an all-around mat that you can use with your standing desk and most especially at home. You can use the mat barefoot or with shoes on and cushiony surface easily conforms to the shape of your feet. As you can see, this mat is flat, and doesn’t have the ability to allow you to stretch your feet and legs. If budget is an issue, This Amazon anti fatigue mat could be an option for you.

Because of its flat design, it doesn’t need to be used at your desk, but can also be used for the kitchen or bathroom.

What is an Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks?

Anti-fatigue mats are created to provide comfort and safety. It prevents foot pain when you stand for prolonged period. According to experts, foot problems often lead to pain all-over the body. If you already switched to a standing desk, it is just wise to add in an anti-fatigue mat to maximize its health benefits and stand comfortably.

There are many types of anti-fatigue mats on the market, and this article has provided four of our recommended non-flat (also known as “calculated terrain” or “active standing”) anti fatigue mats. Non-flat mats helps a lot more than the conventional flat mats because it allows  you to constantly move your feet and stretching areas that you wouldn’t be able to when standing.

What are the Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats?

  • Prevents fatigue, leg and back pain, and stress when standing
    As the name implies, it prevents fatigue when standing. It reduces stress, and leg and back pains. Employees would be a lot more comfortable working on their standing desk that is paired with an anti-fatigue mat.It is specially designed to be stood on for an extended period because they somehow force you to make tiny movements to keep blood circulation in your legs that could even lead to long-term issue or worse, musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Reduces slip and fall injuries in the workplace
    Accidents in the workplace happen even more widespread than you think. It hurts both the employee and the company. Use of anti-fatigue mats can help reduce slip and fall accidents. Some mats are slip-resistant and can absorb liquid spills that may cause anyone to slip.
  • Provides comfort and increases productivity
    Comfortable means not being able to suffer from any pain, stress, or fatigue. It leads to improved productivity, enhanced focus, and maximum quality work.
  • Reduces material breakage of any item that falls on mats
    Reduces property damage especially those that are made of glass when they fall on the floor. Anti-fatigue mats are also shock-absorbent that could reduce the impact and save delicate objects from breaking when they fall on the ground. If it still breaks, the cleanup is easier.
  • It limits vibrations and absorbs sound
    If you wish to limit vibrations of certain equipment or muffle its noise, some anti-fatigue mats might be useful. It is effective in reducing noise and vibration of heavy-duty equipment when placed under them. Of course, the effectiveness still depends on the material of the mat.

How to Choose Your Stand Up Desk Mats

It is important to know the different types of anti-fatigue mats to ensure that you are getting the best mat that suits your need and made with high-quality materials that are built to last.

Types of material used for wellness mats:

  • Foam

    Foam is cheap and easy to find. Anti-fatigue mats made of foam provides comfort and support and are usually used for tasks done for a short period. It means that you would only stand on it for a few minutes until the work is finished. Perfect examples are when you are doing the laundry, brushing your teeth, or cooking.

  • Foam Rubber

    Anti-fatigue mats made of foam rubber are often more durable than those made of regular foam. They are usually used in harsh work environments like manufacturing plants, garages, and workshops. This type can often fit different sizes of workspaces because you can purchase them in pieces that you can interlock.

  • Hard Rubber
    This type of anti-fatigue mat provides extreme durability and great support but little comfort. The material is made of hard rubber that is ideal for industries like manufacturing, heavy types of machinery, and wood shops. Mats are designed with holes to prevent any liquid spill to rest on the mat itself.

Other Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-fatigue mats are typically made with materials mentioned above, but additional factors affect the levels of comfort and safety of each type. Here are other factors to consider in choosing the right anti-fatigue mat for you.

Added mat capabilities:

  • Textured Surfaces – mats with textured surfaces provide extra safety because of its sturdier grip. This is great if you are an accident-prone person because you could avoid potential slip and fall injuries.
  • Chemical Resistant – This is important if you are working in a laboratory handling chemicals.
  • Anti-fatigue Mats with Beveled Edges – the edges make the transition from mat to the floor easier and safer, which prevents tripping.
  • Stain Resistant – Mats that are stain resistant are easier to maintain.
  • Heat Resistant – If you work in a manufacturing industry or welding, a heat resistant mat is useful and does not melt even under high temperatures.
  • Drainage Technology – Mats with drainage technology have holes and slots to drain liquids that cause slip and fall injuries.
  • OSHA Approved Mats With Yellow Striped Borders Better safety by increasing the mat’s visibility
  • Static Dissipative MatsMats equipped with this technology can absorb electric discharge for the safety of the worker.


Always keep in mind that you always get what you paid for. Some mats are made with materials that are easily available and cheap but won’t last for long and do not provide enough safety and comfort. Other mats are a little bit more expensive but made from high-quality materials and have added capabilities for better security and support.


Every person weighs differently and so it is important that you test the product before you purchase it. Firmness and softness matters for comfort, safety, and movement.

Now that you have an idea on how to choose the right mat, it is imperative that you only purchase one that has legit anti-fatigue floor mat characteristics. There are fake of anti-fatigue mats that claim to provide the same benefits, but they are just regular floor mats.

Conclusion of the Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

So there you have it. Our best anti-fatigue comfort mats that are perfect for your standing desk. Based on our review and first-hand experiences of thousands of users who purchased the product, Topo by Ergodriven tops our list. You may think it is a little expensive, but it is a sound investment. It just exceeds all expectations. So buy right the first time. You won’t regret it.

Do not think that buying anti-fatigue mats is just another expense. Think of it as a worthwhile investment. It would keep you comfortable, healthy, and productive. And if you feel like these top wellness mats are too expensive, then we recommend getting the Amazon anti fatigue mat.

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