Best Adjustable Standing Desk Converters for Dual Monitors with Keyboard Tray

Are you someone who often times finds themselves lost in their workload? Do you constantly switch between windows trying to stay organized, but instead you just lose focus and get distracted?

If you’ve found that you’re constantly being sucked into this cycle of being unproductive and distracted, you’ve most likely searched out for answers online, but look no further, because we’re here to tell you exactly why a dual monitor system combined with the benefits of an adjustable standing desk converters will be the start of something new in your career.

If you’re in a hurry, check out FlexiSpot adjustable standing desk. We believe that this brand has the quality and customer service that you’ll need in a converter. With a 5 year limited warranty, you’ll have your mind at ease while you’re switching over to a new lifestyle change.

Adjustable standing desks for dual monitors not only change your pace of work in a convenient yet modern way, but they also offer a range of benefits for your health in the long run when compared to a regular sitting desk. Sitting desks keep you still, they don’t stretch your muscles and they can create a drowsy feeling over the course of your work day that no amount of caffeine could fix. Sitting down for a full work day will decrease your productivity because of this and you’ll just end up tired and drained. You’ll end up losing focus when you’re working on a task that’s laid out in front of you.

By taking the leap to this new lifestyle change, not only will you decrease the symptoms of drowsiness by noon, but you’ll also notice a huge difference in the amount of work you produce daily. With the much needed benefit of dual monitors thrown into the mix, you’ll start to see a new lease on life showing up in your daily routine. You’ll feel like you’ll have a better understanding of your work since you’ll be able to see twice as much when it comes to your document and references. You’ll have the option to keep your task list open while you work through each important point on the other monitor, making sure to never lose track of what needs to be completed next.

Your lifestyle will change in an efficient and drastic way, allowing you to have more free time and encouraging you to never waste another minute switching between 20 different windows on one screen!

The Positives

  • Productivity:

    Yes, it’s true! By having two separate workspaces in one single space, you can have a continuous flow throughout your work day that is uninterrupted and allows you to really take in exactly what you’re doing on the screen. By having the increase of energy from your standing desk lifestyle, combined with the ease and organization of your dual monitors you’ll notice that not only will you comprehend exactly the work order you need to complete, but it will be done much more efficiently.

  • Less Stress:

    We all need ways to be less stressed throughout a busy work day and now you will be able to by using dual monitors. You’ll be able to jump between programs simultaneously and leave applications open that will help you be more efficient when it comes to the project you’re working on. By being able to have double the space when you have dual monitors you’ll be less confused and stressed, because more often than not when these feelings overwhelm us in an office environment we end up panicking and forgetting exactly what we need to do in the moment.

  • Detail:

    When you have a dual monitor display you have ample room to create comparisons when it comes to designs, editorials, or other common office documents. When you need to compare and contrast certain projects for revisions or sources, you’ll be able to have everything in one workspace so you can see what you need to do without wasting time by changing windows! All that wasted time does add up!

Things to Consider

  • Ease Into It:

    Start slow by alternating between sitting and standing. Sometimes people warm up to the change very quickly and other times people find themselves being distracted from their work because of this drastic change. If you find yourself in that case, set a goal for yourself to stand for 20 minutes every 2 hours, and see how you feel! Not only should you ease your way into using an adjustable desk, but you should also start slow when using a dual monitor! A dual monitor opens so many doors, good and bad, so before you overwhelm yourself with tons of distractions, take a step back and go through exactly what needs to be done so you can benefit the most from your much larger work space.

  • Potential Distractions:

    By having a dual monitor setup, you’re opening yourself up for more distractions if you don’t stay organized! That is quite a huge risk to face, but if you make sure you stick to your schedule and have all the resources you need before going into a project, you should be able to take on this problem without a problem.

  • Space:

    Depending on the type of adjustable desk you choose, dual monitors can tend to take up more work space than you might think. Because of this we’ve made sure to also include a range of desks that offer larger table tops and even more efficient ways of using a dual monitor system. If you’re worried about how much tabletop surface you have available, you should be sure to consider this bit of a downfall.

We’ve put in the research to make your decision easier if you have decided to make the change not only for any adjustable desks, but for a dual monitor setup. We’ve sifted through reviews and ratings to put together the 3 of the best standing desks for dual monitors you’ll find!

FlexiSpot 35″ Wide Platform Height Adjustable Standing

A great option for those who have a variety of electronics and tech you need to have at the palms of your hands within seconds. This extremely versatile desk offers a great deal of flexibility, a space for a full size mac monitor, laptop, and tablet, with an additional keyboard tray that can be removed if you want to modify the desk.

There are 12 height levels to choose from and it doesn’t require any additional space besides the sitting position the desk rests in.

This would also be excellent for those who work in a public office space, by being able to bring your work laptop from home to your office and easily utilize the extra space and clarity provided by a larger screen, while not sacrificing table top space is beyond productive and smart. The FlexiSpot really creates an affordable option for those who are always on the go with their work, but want to have a more permanent work area when at the office, a great happy medium.

The extended capabilities and storage spaces offered in this adjustable desk are fantastic, the added space for a tablet, your phone, and additional documents provide you with the most efficient workspace! It’s very rare that we see an adjustable desk that offers these extra addons. One gripe we have with this desk is the fact that the company has put their brand name in huge black font on the table top which stands out noticeably when you choose the white color option. It’s a glaring issue that many people, including ourselves have disliked, but of course this disappointment when it comes to aesthetics doesn’t affect the quality of the overall product. If you want to choose this desk but dislike the branding on the product, use a desk calendar or corkboard desk mat to cover it up, while adding some extra flare to your workspace!

Surface Area

OVERALL RATING: 8.6 out of 10

What Customers are Saying

It accommodates a 27″ iMac with no problem and the cutout section in front is handy for putting a tablet and/or phone, with plenty of space left over for reference documents, notes, etc.

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Somewhat similar to the above option, this VIVO adjustable standing desk for dual monitors offers a sleek design for a cheaper price. We wanted to include this option as well because not only is it fully modern in its design, it also has a dual tier option with a more ergonomic keyboard tray that is more functional and flexible than other monitors.

By being easily adjusted to whichever height you’d want, even when the attachment is placed in the lowest sitting position, the double tier feature offers enough height while sitting to help improve your posture.

As we’ve looked into this product ourselves we’ve noticed a range of positives and negatives to take into consideration before purchasing this product. We’ve discovered that this product is a bit weighty compared to other models, but when you view the model you’ll notice that this adjustable desk is two tiered, which explains the extra weight. This specific model offers extra space for dual monitors while including a much bigger second area perfect for documents and a keyboard instead of just enough space for a single keyboard.

Surface Area

OVERALL RATING: 8.3 out of 10

What Customers are Saying

This product is fantastic! It is not too often I take the time to write a product review, but this one I felt something should be said about how very pleased I am with this product.

Halter ED-600 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk

The Halter Ed 600 comes in a cherry red finish, a nice old school touch to a modern design. The equipment is ready to use as soon as it is delivered and it even has same day shipping if you can’t wait for your new healthy lifestyle change! In seconds you can easily change the standing position to a comfortable sitting height option, perfect for flexibility and for those who are new to this change in their workspace.

We found that this desk is great for only have your monitors set up, but if you need to add additional items, it’ll be a little squeeze, as theres a big opening on the desk. For some, this might be an ideal converter as it keeps your space very minimal and away from any distractions, but for a lot of people, they may opt in for additional space.

Surface Area

OVERALL RATING: 6.9 out of 10

What Customers are Saying

Solid and well made, it certainly looks like it is designed to last for a long time.


If you have multiple devices that you work with, then the FlexiSpot Wide Platform Height Adjustable Standing Desk is a great option.

It also includes a 5 year limited warranty compared to the other two standing desk converters that only offer 1 year limited warranty.

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